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We all know about the elephant in the room, but how did it end up in the escape room?

We all know about the elephant in the room, but what about the elephant in the escape room?
Elephant in the Escape Room was born as an ambitious idea of an unusual family. After a series of unpleasant events, we were looking for an escape by indulging in something that makes us happy: creativity, play, company, fun and slightly torturing others. After playing many Escape Room adventures, we wanted a space where everyday activities become games. We decided to set our first room in the not-too-distant past, a little closer to our time that some of our family members remember. It was also important to us that the room is connected to the mentality of that time and that area, to bring back the locals and show foreigners how it used to be. We want our first room to have the feel-good atmosphere of that time, and for the players to enjoy the room instead of having a race against time. We are planning a new space, and all we ask is that you come and enjoy.

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