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Whoops! We forgot to turn off the radio. The TV is making weird noises. Who has been smoking in the apartment?

One day you come back from work, you unlock the door, put away your things and look up. In that moment, you realize you're in the wrong flat, in the wrong time period even. You can hear hits by Bijelo Dugme, Azra, ABBA on the radio. The hissing of a black and white TV in the background, a coffeepot on the stove, and a memorable still life perfectly interwoven with the interior. As you sit by the table, the smell of cigarette stubs and freshly consumed coffee fills your nostrils. Suddenly it's all clear to you, you're in the seventies. Although the atmosphere evokes a nostalgic and pleasant feeling in you, as you glance upon a photo of an unknown family, you know you shouldn't be here. If someone sees you in the past, you'll stay trapped there forever. Therefore, you have very little time to escape, only 70 minutes. So, try to return to the present, but be careful, as you may fall in love with the relaxed atmosphere and decide to stay after all…

Story of the Jugović family

In the not-so-distant past, in the 70s of the last century, an average Zagreb family with the surname Jugović lived in a state apartment. The three corners of their home were held by Bosiljka, who maintained the house, took care of her little son Sašica, and longingly awaited her husband Mladen, who, in order to ensure a comfortable life for his family, decided to work in the army. However, the army sent him on an assignment in another Republic and Bosiljka spent her time, apart from doing household chores, chatting with her friends and family over coffee. Thanks to modern technology at that time, Bosiljka also had fun talking to her relatives on the phone and checking the news. There was also her little mischievous son Sašica, who hid his mother's things for fun and gently drove her crazy. You can get to know their daily life through our room and experience the life adventures of the Jugović family while having fun.


Have you always wanted to play with museum exhibits? Although we are not a museum, all of our props are authentic parts of Zagreb and former Yugoslavia. In our escape room, you will be able to use the props people used in the past. 


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